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mount vesuvius pompeii italy n.
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Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii Italy PowerPoint Presentation
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Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii Italy

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Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii Italy
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Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii Italy

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  1. Troy Barone Term 1 10/7/2013 Mount Vesuvius,Pompeii Italy Estimated that 16,000 people died from the volcano The volcano is 4,190 feet tall This happened in the year 79 AD

  2. People In Ash ? The eruption didn’t kill these people, it was the ash and lava that was coming out of the volcano that killed people. ? Some of the dead were there for 1,000 years preserved by the ash and stayed in the position they died in. ? The ash covered the whole town and destroyed it.

  3. Ash Disaster ? 2,000 people were found deadbut preserved by the ash. ? About 18,000 left on boats the rest were killed by the ash and lava. ? The ash and lava is 3,000 to 5,000 degrees “F” hot ? Mt. Vesuvius last erupted within the last 100 years. It is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes today because of all the people who live near it in Italy.

  4. Pompeii ? Pompeii was a really rich city when it got destroyed and got covered in 79AD ? The houses were built in roman style and it was located by the Italian city Naples ? People who lived in Pompeii liked to be outside, relax in warm roman baths and enjoy life.

  5. Pompeii Food ? They ate figs, nuts, eggs and poppy ? They also ate fruit such as grapes and they liked olives too. ? They were very healthy eaters, they ate grains and cheese too.

  6. What Did They Like To Do ? They like making wool and boats ? They also like eating food and spending time outside ? They also like sports or games for hobbies

  7. Artifacts ? Many of the artifacts are really famous because they were made a long time ago ? Most of the artifacts are worth a lot of money ? All the artifacts that were buried took a long time to find under the ash and devastation. ? Pompeii: The Last Day – YouTube

  8. Roman Sports ? Romans were great gladiators. They worked to keep their bodies strong so they could winin competition. ? They like to play competitive sports to show their athletic ability. ? They also like to keep their bodies in shape to win battles and to be the strongest gladiator. They would fight to the death.

  9. Fun stuff ? What Romans like to do for fun is that they like to paint and make pottery. ? Romans were great artists and their paintings are worth a lot of money. They made large pots and vases out of pottery. ? They created different types of paintings but mostly painted people.

  10. Trip to Pompeii, Italy ? See Mt. Vesuvius looming in background ? Pay to park and enter the park ? Guides available to give tours

  11. Touring Pompeii ? Hot summer day ? Bring water! ? Takes hours to walk around

  12. The Building of Eumachia ? There are 6 columns in the Eumachia ? Its in the Centre of the forum ? This is a picture of my family at Pompeii

  13. Sources ? ? Http:// ? Thanks for listening! Any Questions???